Naomi Hills

Naomi Hills

Naomi Hills is an experienced, full time artist. She spends on average 4 hours plus dedicated to her art work practice, every day.

Currently she's doing abstract backgrounds, with acrylic paints, stencils, watercolor, mixed medias, plus sketching portraits faces of people.

It should be known that some of her work will be sold at a certain price, but all will be done to keep the financial bracket attainable for genuine buyers.

Naomi is very enthusiastic with her artwork. Currently she is doing art journaling, with altered old books. Some of the gallery art work here is done with this technique. This is these amazing books with her work in them. She charges a lot of money for each book. Each book takes a month or more to complete. The full books are expensive, around $50.

For interested inquires please contact Naomi.

Naomi has a comprehensive collection of her recent art works with FaceBook. It is under 'Naomi's Art Room' in Facebook, under Naomi Hills. So you can have a much better idea of what she does.

There are approximately 64 art works there to view, currently. It is growing and many people can view them as enjoyment.

Naomi Hills, Artist