Nan's Art Studio

Nan's Art Studio

My name is Nan Gao. I was born in Tianjin, China. I started painting when I was a little girl. I moved to the U.S.A. in 2007. I love painting beautiful nature, especially cute animals and blossoming flowers. I especially enjoy painting animals because I think the process of painting every detail of an animal is like the process of creating a life from scratch—arduous, exciting, exhilarating and highly rewarding! Life is full of miracles. I want to capture many precious moments in my paintings and make them eternal!

As an environmentalist, I deeply love nature and want to do everything I can to protect our home planet. Animals are the best friends of human beings. Just like our families, their families are very important. I try to capture the touching moments of animal families with my paintings. Through my paintings, I hope more and more people will gain a deeper appreciation of the beauty and harmony of nature, and begin to realize that we, human beings and animals, are a big family. Family members should always respect, encourage and support each other. Human beings should refrain from activities that hurt animals such as hunting. Utah is full of beautiful scenery with various wild animals. I hope my artwork will remind people why it is extremely important to protect our environment in Utah and around the world.

I live with my husband and daughter in Salt Lake City, Utah, now. Please contact me at if you are interested in my paintings! Thank you very much!