Nancy Bossert

Nancy Bossert

Nancy Bossert
BS – Kutztown University
MA- Northern Illinois University
Fine art Instructor privately and at the college level 35 years
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Sentimental views, creative twists, speaking visually, allowing the viewer’s to create their own narrative seem to be constant as I approach the canvas. My methods in the creative process use a wide realm of materials and techniques. These materials include oil, acrylic, gesso, mixed media, pencil, encaustic, textiles, stoneware and more. The approach and final product demonstrates my commitment to excellent craftsmanship, overall harmony, tonal palette, fluid imagination, and strength in knowing materials. These factors mirror in my love to share knowledge in the teaching process. Where, in teaching, I find creativity is the most difficult element to nurture in individuals. Through teaching I can create so many more pieces in my head and reinforce the insights that kindle the unique.

Thinking outside of the box is my normal as I paint, draw, and sculpt with a different perspective approach, using materials in a unique way, and combining the unusual. As I approach the abstract subject my work takes on a dream like quality of fractal, non objective movement on the canvas. Abstract works and figurative works will be created with brush and or palette knife. These two dominant genres in my repertoire both include hints of Hope imagery. My figurative works demonstrate a keen knowledge of the human form and in some pieces may slip in and out of realism, but always with the insight of becoming the visual poem.

My work may seem diverse, but there is method to my madness in creating with this approach. I eliminate a mechanical process which would trivialize my subject matter and materials through repetition. The use of visual and tactile texture becomes a common thread within all my executed works. With texture, love of a well balanced composition, harmonious palette, unity of elements, and excellent craftsmanship, Fine Art is created and taught. Look closely at my paintings and you will observe fibers, stoneware pieces, and likewise you will find painting and fibers in my stoneware. Even small buttons and pendants are created to be utilized, not only for standard uses, but to be fed into works defining a new purpose.

If you expect one thing from me, you will not advance with me.
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