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ART and MUSIC have both been a passion of mine ever since I can remember and can be a very personal and healing experience. What would the world be like without art or music, it's all around us. We would be stripped bare of buildings, flowers, trees; even the comfort of a lullaby. Everything good is the Lord's creative handiwork.

Recently, my artwork portrays a mix of drama and humor. For instance; the intense and emotional image of a little girl praying with her funny doll beside her or a landscape with a whimsical touch. My work is more traditional in style but lately I've been dabbling in impressionistic, figurative, cartoons, and pop art. I believe an artist is in a perpetual state of learning and creating. ArtPal gives artists a platform to express themselves, and I hope my artwork brings a bit of happiness to those who buy them (hint) make Mats larger, at least 4 in, with thinner frame for more dramatic affects, especially on still life or abstract.

I also write Christian oriented classical-style music. Please visit Thanks so much for viewing. God Bless!

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