Hi, I’m Gaby!
I am Gabriela Nalven-Newman and I am an artist in the city of East Hollywood, Florida. In January of 2013, I came across an art studio with a lot of paintings and ceramics. My husband and I gave the Auto-Nation Academy of Art a shot and started out with ceramics and paintings. I got into printmaking and some of mixed media that aided me in ideas for nice paintings, clothing, journals, books, calendars, puppy cooler bags and more.
We have a dog, named Gamble that is both a service dog and a model for shirts and pictures. He is a photogenic puppy who is mostly prefers to play rather than wanting to work sometimes. I get him to balance both of them out very well. When I first went to college for my undergraduate degree, and continuing again, I learned both Art Appreciation and some Art History. My husband loves the subject of Art History because he mentioned that an author Dan Brown had inspired him with the Robert Langdon series back in 2004. My husband is Matthew Newman. He has told me that in 2006, he accidentally found in a book that his mother’s side of the family is of DaVinci descent; hence, his Italian side of the family. He is very unique and was diagnosed with high functioning Aspergers syndrome or better known as a person that is an Indigo Asperger. My husband is a writer, environmental researcher, environmental activist, asthma rights activist, animal rights activist, human rights activist and an ethicist.
As, for me, and how I was able to get my service dog, was from a car crash that my husband and I were in, back on March 18, 2010. Luck wasn’t in my favor, but after that time through trial and my husbands’ mother and father’s error, I started living with him in a really nice place where, with the money I have, was able to afford a dog to help me with my cerebral palsy and asthma. This is why I can handle poodles because they barely shed. Unless I bathe Gamble, then my allergies start up again. Thanks to my husband, I learned a lot from him. I am always doing the best in my artwork and also making environmental activism tees (coming soon) with the best of my husband’s ideas that I would take from time to time. He does help make designs for the t-shirts as well. I have been making a lot of blank journals that are up for sale as well as t-shirts for dogs along with the Paw Ta-Ta t-shirts for people.

Crafted handmade wooden boxes