Visions from The Workshop

Visions from The Workshop

I am an independent artist working with mixed media, namely, collages, basic photography, and digital editing. I found myself, by myself, by my art. The evolution of it, over the years has been this very journey of self-discovery. At present, my time and resources as a visual artist are devoted to perfecting the art of creating collages that convey a compelling story vide a singular frame (with a morale, or something valuable to take home spiritually, so to say.)

Indeed, unless I can inspire the viewer to reflect on the conflicts, joys, the meaning of life, or the vanity of it all, what is the meaning of making art anyway! My creations are not showpieces. They bleed heart. I make sure that I go through uncompromising pure pain of soul catharsis to express it in my works.

Also, I have always been a headstrong believer in creating art for art's sake, for the pure spirituality of it. The art pieces put up for purchase here are just some limited edition prints made exclusively with a motive to balance commercial purposes with the morality of the art-market. Maybe, I am old-fashioned, but I do find it kind of unsettling and immoral to put money over everything else. it does not work that way with me!

Pure art is always priceless, and the retail price is just a token of appreciation. I strive to keep my art as pure as my consciousness can surmise at that given phase while creating it.

Anyway, for all practical purposes, it is important to draw a fine line where art (the subject) is made available commercially, with a certain objective personal detachment to the entire process. It is just like paying the bills, I am not much emotionally attached to paying bills, but it is something that I ought to do.

This is still kind of a grey area, but I am sure that not everything I make is to be available commercially. The ones that are, are right here. As a visual artist, I am yet to work professionally or on commissioned projects. If anyone's interested, you can find me at (Alternate email:

Kindly let me know via mail when anyone's placing the order.

The works displayed here, are exclusive to this platform. However, as it is, the deal comes with an expiry date, depending on my discretion and wisdom.

These works being collages, I have been liberal about collecting my content from newspapers, magazines, old books, comic strips, etc. Basically, anything that's accessible and printed in image and has a relevant storytelling value in the vision I want to see or show has been of use.

I am not sure really whether these violate copyrights of the images whose fragments appear in my collage. Nevertheless, if anything such is the issue, I shall definitely look after it with a helpful attitude. I do not want to tread on anyone else's intellectual rights without due credits, intellectual wisdom being a God-gifted virtue!

That said, all images used in my works (with the highs and lows) are always in the best interest of creation.