Nadya Zhuravska

Nadya Zhuravska

Despite classical art education I really love abstract art. It demands special inspiration, a certain degree of freedom in perception and creativity. I find it no end pleasant that abstract art expresses emotions directly and can be apprehended without the translation into a language of objects. I think that abstract art - a speech of the unconscious because I can know something new about myself by creating it.

2008 - 2014 Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, the Faculty of Monumental and Decorative Arts, the Mural Painting department (high honors).

Event ArtWeek Moscow 2018, The Abstract Expressionism section.

International exhibition under the program «School of Dionisii-2010», «School of Dionisii-2011», Ferapontovo, Vologda Region.
2011 – solo exhibition «Debut», Central Exhibition Hall, Krasnodar, Russia.
2012 – solo exhibition in the workshop «Aurora», St. Petersburg.
International exhibition of XXVII open-air «Montenegro-2012», Kotor, Montenegro.
Group "Exhibition in the wood" (June, 2015, June, 2016, Strelna, St. Petersburg).
2018 - solo exhibition "Between us", Couloir "Restoration of manners", St.Petersburg, Russia.