Nadege Moise

Nadege Moise was born and raised in Port-Au-Prince, Haïti. She joined her mother in California at the age of sixteen, where she graduated from high school to follow her fashion design aspiration. Nadege is a Mother of four girls and enjoys writing short stories as a ghostwriter, and for her blog on WordPress. She’s also a couturiere, who specializes is sewing French laces baby heirlooms gown. But, she discovered she was an artist by mere coincidence.

Prior to her artist career, Nadege worked as a real estate paralegal in a Law firm until three years ago, when during a stressful evening, she felt inspired to start painting. “What an odd temptation?” She thought to herself. But one afternoon, she finally decided to start painting the pictures she would visualize. And, to her grand surprise she discovered she was an artist.
Since that day, Nadege has explored different paint mediums, such as acrylics, pastels, and watercolor. However, both acrylics and oil tend to be her most preferred medium. Her inspiration is drawn from her childhood memories from Haiti, and scenes from everyday life. “A struggling merchant or a mother carrying her child while in dire condition seem to inspire me.” She said. Perhaps it’s because I can identify with them, being a divorcee I had to struggle in order to provide for my family; so yes, any scene or interaction between a mother and a child, regardless of their nationality will feed my artistic sense” She said. Some of her sketches are also from vintage photographs, and from well-known artist; one of her favorite artist being Edgar Degas.

Nadege can transform a canvas to depict a humor scene, a cultural eclipse, or an abstract mind boggler. Being a self-taught artist gives her the freedom and proficiency to express herself with acrylics and other mediums. She has learned to improve her craft through the internet, but her personal experience has proven to be her best teacher.

Nadege artworks are increasingly in demand. She has won three art contests, and as a result, four of her paintings have been published with the Pan’KU magazines. Nadege works from her home studio both in Pembroke Pines Florida and Lancaster, California.