Black Meridians

Black Meridians

Thank you! For dropping by and having a look at my artwork! I am Mystran Black, an artist from the Netherlands specialized in the Baroque Style Painting. I am non comformist when it comes to art and I think art is Magic. It serves a goal, and for me it exists to make a difference. I am a traditional artist, so I do everything in the classic way, like the Grandmasters of old used to do it. I often combine outworldly things, with the realistic Baroque style and add a tad of mystery and a bit of the ethereal to it.

All of my artworks are handmade and some of them were especially made on request, which now happily hangs in my clients livingrooms for a life long enjoyment.
If you are interested in a customized painting or designed artwork to your liking done by me, you can always drop me a message on my facebooksite

Star Wars/Science Fiction/Fantasy

The Tuareg Series