Mystic Hare

Mystic Hare

I studied textile design at an art college in Yorkshire in the mid '80s but never did anything with my degree - much to my regret - until recently. After I left college, I found office work in London and this began a 30 year period where I was preoccupied with making a living and raising a family.

Despite enjoying some material success as a stockbroker, I was always troubled and a little lost in my career which filtered through to my personal life. Then things changed in 2015 when I met my current partner.

In November 2015 I asked him what he would like for Christmas and he answered "paint me something". No no no I thought. Can't do that! I haven't lifted a brush in three decades! However, I did and it was like a light was switched on.

I settled on a title of "Mystic Hare" for my artwork, as many of my designs have a mystical theme to them and most are based on designs of animals. I love wildlife of all sorts - but particularly hares with which I feel an affinity. I love the fact that they are associated with mysticism and above all, freedom. (For me, liberation from the work of office work!) I also work as a Tarot card reader.