My Naenia Art by Carolyne Christine

My Naenia Art by Carolyne Christine

I am a Symphony, and my Body that houses my Soul and Spirit Sings! As I create the Beauty from my VISIONS! which are my GIFTS! From GOD!
Given to me, as I celebrate Life! And on my Journey, I Dance and Sing, as I march to the beat of my own drums! Traveling on the High Road that is less traveled!

Presently, I am in Metamorphosis traveling on a new path working towards career goals as an Artist.
I believe in beauty, passion, love, and the gift of my Visions given to me through my soul and spirit
from many lifetimes linked together in a chain.

I am a Passionate Artist! And a Hopeless Romantic! Both Visual and Performing! With clear Visions
of who I am. And on my journey through life, I have learned to be thankful and cherish the small things
that make me smile and warm my heart.

I embrace LIFE, LOVE,
and MY WORK! through my PASSIONS!

Carolyne Christine, is a Native of the San Francisco Bay Area, who has returned after almost 20 years. She was born in Berkeley CA, raised in El Sobrante CA. She is a passionate Artist, Both Visual and Performing.

Her passion for the Arts was discovered very early in her life. Carolyne has Performed on a Professional Stage as well as working behind the scenes for over 20 years Nationally, Internationally, and Local, as an Actress, Singer, and Dancer, as well as a Costume Designer, and Photographer/Artist painting backdrops for stage.

Her training began at 5 years old. She started performing professionally when she was 12 years old. At 17 years old in her senior year of High School, she began her College education with her Foundation classes in Visual/Fine Arts.

Later on she went on to study in Pittsburgh, PA, New York, NY and Paris, France. She has a Degree is in Visual Communications, specializing in Fashion/Costume Design, with a minor in Theater.

Presenly, Carolyne Christine as an Independent Contractor, and the owner of My Naenia Art ...

Also, she was the Assistant Director, and Choreographer for a after school program (Children,s Theater Group)The Tara Hills Drama Club, in San Pablo, CA for 25+ years where she also designed and made most of the costumes, and painted the backdrops/scenery. Carolyne and her Mother Wilma M Grant, Director and Founder closed the doors in May 2018...

She is also a Singer, ... you can hear her vocals on her website! ...
Carolyne Christine Music

Carolyne Christine was also a member of the Danny Nguyen Dance Company in Alameda,CA. Her experience abroad has mainly been as a freelance Photographer, Musical Theater, Dance, Music, Film, and Fashion/Costume Design. She has replanted her seeds in the San Francisco Bay Area, Where she first began her journey in the Arts.

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