ELEVAR is the only Liquid Ferrofluid Art sculpture available to the general public that is totally automated and activated by a key-sized remote

The electronics that run ELEVAR are proprietary and only available with this work. The safety, reliability and beauty of ELEVAR were the top interests when constructing this work.

To start ELEVAR, simply press the key-sized remote. The display is programmed to last approximately 2 minutes, then reset to the original start mode for another viewing display. Longer display times are available upon request.

The liquid medium for this work is called Ferrofluid.

Ferrofluid was developed in 1963 by NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration) for the Apollo mission to the moon. Faced with a zero gravity environment in outer space, NASA needed a "special blend" of rocket fuel for the lunar module engines. Ferrofluid was developed as an additive to the fuel to accomplish this. Without Ferrofluid, 12 men would never have walked on the moons surface.

As you watch ELEVAR ascend and descend in your home display, you are seeing the very same liquid that 52 years ago, was a government top secret.

Ferrofluid is a Non-Toxic blend of water, nano scaled particles (1 billionth of a meter) and a carrier liquid such as oil or water. It is now used in items here on earth such as computer hard drive bearings, "high end" fidelity speakers, bio medical devises and many other everyday items.

The Artist assures you that ELEVAR will favor any ambiance setting you may have in your home or corporate office lobby. For those wanting a one-of-a kind work, ELEVAR will satisfy any collector of unique artwork. Visit the below link to view the video.