M, Y, Dayoub

M, Y, Dayoub


Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts - Visual
Communications Specialization (Declaration) 1983
University of Damascus.
Membership and Achievements Member of the Syndicate of Fine Arts (Syria)
Member of the Union of Arab Fine Artists
Member of the Emirates Association of Fine Arts
Member of Friends of the Environment - UAE
Art activities:
Collective Exhibitions in Syria:
* Collective exhibitions of the Fine Arts Syndicate.
* Annual General Exhibition of Syrian Artists 87-90-95
* Salute exhibits of old hummus from 1983 to 1992
* Annual Ceramic Exhibition (Ministry of Culture). 1985
* Exhibitions of the Photography Club since 1984.
* Festival of Peace and Love (Lattakia) 1990
- poster exhibition (poster) Germany 1983.
Sixteen Personal Gallery (Personal Exhibitions):
* First personal exhibition at the People's Hall of Arts / Homs 1988.
* Second personal exhibition in the People Hall / Homs 1990.
* The third personal exhibition at the Shami Gallery 1992.
* Fourth personal exhibition at the People's Hall of Fine Arts 1995.
* The fifth personal exhibition at the Emirates Society of Fine Arts 1998.
* Gallery Galerie Corner Café Sharjah 2006 Exhibition entitled "People and Houses"
* Red Exhibition in the Hall of the People Homs 2006
* Exhibition at the Arab Cultural Club on the occasion of the celebration of the Silver Jubilee for the establishment of the Club in Sharjah
* Exhibition entitled Waiting in the hall of Arjun in Abu Dhabi
* Exhibition at the Ghaf Gallery in Abu Dhabi
* Exhibition entitled "Rise (National Theater - Abu Dhabi) 2013
* Exhibition and literary evening entitled (Scraps) Union of writers and writers of the UAE 2015
* Exhibition at union of Syrian fine artists gallery 2019
- Collective Exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates:
* Ninth Plastic Exhibition / Cultural Complex / Abu Dhabi.
* 10th General Exhibition of Fine Arts (Portraits). Cultural Complex.
* The 14th Annual Exhibition Sharjah Expo
* General Plastic Exhibition (Sharjah Art Museum) from 1996 to 2000
* Art Exhibition for All (Sharjah Museum of Art) 1997.
* Exhibition of the Emirates Society of Fine Arts (Cultural Complex - Abu Dhabi) 1997.
* Group exhibition (Eyes of every color) at the French Cultural Center (Dubai) 1997.
* Exhibition of the early (Sharjah Museum of Art) 1998.
* Higher Colleges of Technology Exhibition 97/1998, Dubai.
* Sharjah International Biennial, 1997-99
* Burritic Exhibition 98/99/2000 / Sharjah Art Museum
* Exhibition of Seven Artists Meet / Sharjah Museum of Art / 2000
* Sharjah International Art Biennale 2001
* Participation in the Zayed General Exhibition with the Women's Renaissance So

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