Sull's Gallery

Sull's Gallery

Sull is a 34-year-old artist & designer based out of historic New England. In October of 2019, she opened an Instagram account (@my_bleeding_art) where she began sharing collages/manipulated photography -- mainly of her girlfriend, Becky. After nearly 8 years of pursuing a career in management, the company moved overseas amidst the COVID-19 epidemic. Since then, she has fully embraced this change as an opportunity to focus on doing what she has shown a true passion for since the start of her youth -- artistic expression. She now offers artwork, design services, planners, and a wide variety of other digital products at StudioThirtyOneShop on Etsy. She also recently launched two more niche shops and works as a Freelance designer with an emphasis on logos and branding. She is currently accepting commissions via Etsy:

Collage: No Specific Collection 🕰

Collage: Portals 🚪

Collage: Unnatural Habitats 🏚

Nightmare Nursery🔪🎀 Series (‘20)

Inspired by Literature 📖 & Film 🎥

Inspired by Music 🎼

31 Nights of Fright (Series | 2019)

Photography 📷

Pop/Graphic/Typography 🖼

My Muse ♥

Curious Play Shop (For Kids)