Doodles and Photos by Michele Wish

Doodles and Photos by Michele Wish

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Doodling runs deep within me it is just what I do, hope you enjoy my doodles too don't know what more I can say about that. Some ask how do you come up with your ideas, your plans for what you draw and typically I just don't... when I start it just happens

Photography has become something that inspires me. I love how a camera can capture something, how at times it allows us to see things in a different way. With a camera we can explore our world and that is what I do capturing moments, looking at everything around me and taking the time to really see it, to pay attention to that one thing and as I am capturing the image appreciating whatever it is and making it into something that invokes a feeling, a memory, a reaction... Sharing these photos is a small thing in the grand scheme of this thing called life but if for one moment when you look at picture that I have taken it brightens your day or even just allows you to appreciate something in the world around us then that is enough it really is the small things in life that leave the largest mark sometimes.

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Photos by M Wish: Nighttime

Photos by M Wish: Fire!

Photos by MWish: AssateagueWildlife

Sunrise Sunset

Photos by M Wish: Insects

Photos by Michele Wish: Birds

Photos by Michele Wish: Birds Junior

Photos by Michele Wish: Plants

Photos by M Wish:D-Day Conneaut 2013

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