Mark Winkelmans

Mark Winkelmans

My name is Mark Winkelmans, I was born in Vancouver, BC, but have lived most of my life on Vancouver Island & currently live in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, with my wife and best friend, Janet. I find inspiration in many places in and around Vancouver Island which has influenced my creative style and process. I create art to challenge myself and share with others the world as I see it. I specialize in watercolor and I focus on urban scenery, but also enjoy caricature, which I do mostly working digitally. My art style is generally loose and expressive, with the use of vibrant color. I am motivated by and draw inspiration from the world around me, other artists and pictures. I have been creating art most of my life. I connect with the art community by sharing with other artists on social media platforms. My work has been shown at on my website, and on Facebook & Instagram. When people see my work, I hope they experience the beauty of the world around us that we often take for granted.


Digital Media


Children Art

Urban Sketches

Old farmhouses & barns