Myriam Villalta

Myriam Villalta

My name is Myriam Villalta- Elijah. I was born and raised in Cucuta, Colombia, and immigrated to the United States in 1979 with my family, I am married and have two daughters.

I started my art career in Colombia, painting in porcelain for several years. When I came to the United States I began taking independent studies in oil painting, but stopped painting to work full time.

Soon I realized that the only way to make me devote more time to painting was to start taking classes again. I attended Art school in Illinois, in my free time. I enjoy painting in oil and drawing with pastels and ink. I love the richness that the color produces when I paint.

I get an idea for my painting and start with an underpainting, then I create a multilayered surface with numerous applications of oils or pastels. A lot of the times I don't really know where the painting is taking me, until I keep applying more layers and layers of colors and start seeing the transformation of the final work.

I especially enjoy painting people with different, interesting personalities and scenes from my country, Colombia, the human body, and portraits. My paintings are full of vibrant color, texture and depth.

My goal is to create a series of paintings as I travel in different parts of the country or the world observing their people, their customs, and the landscapes of each region.
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