Mura Fowski

Mura Fowski

Mura Fowski born November 18, 1972 in Mulhouse, in France, she is a self-taught sculptor since October 2017 who delights by having unique and atypical works. She travels to discover unusual old objects from the 18th and 19th centuries. His last trips, Prague, Berlin, Istanbul and Paris allowed him to find rare objects that tell us a story.

Mura Fowski, does not stop there because she decides to create her own paintings, an indefinite Pop art. Today, she is part of one of the New York auction houses for her paintings.

Today, she creates her artistic project which will be released in September 2020. She creates her style of furniture (armchairs, furniture, painting, tables and lighting) and protects her trademark “Fashion Victim by Mura Fowski”. She also follows courses in fashion design by correspondence at the Haute Couture school of designer David Vincent Camuglio in Paris. A fashion show will take place in Paris with its own Collection.

Painting with frame by Mura Fowski

Pop'Art by Mura Fowski

( Sculptures) Lamps

Printing by Mura Fowski