Olimpia Bucurescu


Olimpia Bucurescu is a romanian artist born in 1968 in Fieni city.Currently liveing in Bucharest city Center.
She began her career at age of 17 when she start to sell her work at local people, bars, restaurants etc.
After she study art in Italy and graduated Un Arte University on Bucharest things start to move and art galleryes sesions start to grow:
-Art Galleryes from Romania( Bucharest) : Dales art gallery 1991, Mihai Eminescu Library 1994-1999, Cercul Militar (Naval Romanian Ligue XVI edition) -2014.
-Art Galleryes from Italy : Milano 1993-1994, Venetia 1992-1993, Roma 1995-1996, Napoli 1993-1994
-Art Gallery France Paris 1995-1996