Mila Sypin

Mila Sypin

Mila Sypin is an artist from Erie, Pennsylvania who was born in 1999.

She is still currently attending high school, but she has loved art her whole life. Already, she has won many competitions involving animation and drawing, including Sprint's Avatar Challenge. Recently, she has done volunteer work to put up a mural in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Mila is experienced in logo and brand design, and has even created her own brand identity and brand package, however, her interest in illustration is just as strong as her love for graphic design.

Artist's Statement
I have always aspired to be a designer and I have worked hard to refine my skills and create works that are pleasing and satisfying to the eye. I enjoy illustration and I have always known that I would have a career in design. I keep myself organized and motivated in order to work as efficiently as possible; getting the job done is my first priority.

Phone: (814) 790-4206