M. Stelmasiak

M. Stelmasiak


Poland, Europe

My paintings speak for themselves and form me as well, hope so. Any of my dreams, hopes, mistakes & success cannot be verbalized but expressed. Still searching... for new impressions.

Abstractionism and impressionism I like the most. You'll find many of my paintings carried out like this. Making art is saving best memories. Selling it is spreading them. Buying art is building for these best memories bridges to let them spread vastly.

Emotions and dreams are the main keys for understanding my art. I observe the world that surrounds me and then I create my own vision of it. My paintings show what I see or mostly what I want to see. They are my way of communicating and sharing with others my emotions, feelings, dreams, hopes, fears, beliefs and events in my life.

I love expressionism, impressionism, surrealism and abstractionism so I try to combine all of these styles and create my own.

Nature, Moon, Sea, Beach, People