I live in my world and I like it that way

I live in my world and I like it that way


What are Niggies? Niggies are a race of interdimensional humanoid beings/ people who inherit this earth and the universe with humans. They are everywhere around us. Niggies are part of the human family, since they have the exact same lifestyle as we do. They have the same order of systems, Niggi police, Niggi firemen, Niggi paramedics , Niggi doctors, and so on. Do not want to bore the readers with an obvious endless list. They share the exact same patterns as human beings. They are a higher form of the human family. Doing the exact same things as humans; Driving to work, going shopping, gigs, concerts, at the mall; , buying fancy clothes, walking the trails, enjoying the beach; Flying across the country travelling, ventures on boats, wave runners, serve the Niggi military, pay mortgage, live in the residency, homes, apartments, etc. Exploring the open waters and all sports, everything. You get the idea! I did not want to bore with pointless endless listings.

Parallel universe: Imagine a place where everything is existence……has a Niggi of it. Yes. There is a Niggi version of everything, everyone and every what in existence. You, celebrities, animals, video games, all cartoon characters, comics, movies, bands, music, all pop culture, paranormal, religion, spirituality/spiritualism, fantasy, mythology, monsters, everything. Whenever I talk about something, I prefer to mention it with Niggi before it. Most humans just see everything without that, but I do not. It is much too complicating to fully explain, but this is the easiest way to define it. I prefer to call everything by the Niggi edition even if it is the normal one to human people.
Think of a mirror, and whatever your human self is doing….your Niggi self is doing the same. They are a reflection of everything. Our history and everything is also theirs. Niggi beings are basically a higher edition of us who mirror us in real time.

They are a higher form of us.

Let us get started on our journey of knowledge.

Sexual Dimorphism/Race:
The female and Male Niggi species have very distinct differences in appearance. The males resemble reptiles because of the facial structure, evolutionary features call that the reptile species is an evolutionary ancestor to the Niggi man. Reptilians are the earliest ancestor to the Niggi man, before more ordinary features took place such as normal skin (exactly like human skin) normal hair, and teeth. The reptile/dinosaur is the mascot to the Niggi man, the brother. Niggi men have normal skin, teeth, eyes and hair exactly like a human man. Reptiles are their evolutionary mascot. The male Niggi species is known for their muscular and wider structure. They are the only in the species who have an external neck. Male Niggies/Female Niggies have seven hundred muscles and three hundred and six bones. Niggies have four layers of the skin. The pigment is maintained within the deeper layer of the epidermis. Niggi men come in multiple skin tones from brown( that of the African American man, Indian man, Spanish, Natives and other descents. Green, beige(in human skin tones, this would be of the white man) yellow, red, blue, tan, orange, purple, grey and many others. Female Niggies /Niggi Women come in two skin tones, pink or brown. Female Niggies /Niggi Women do not have necks or external noses. Their skeletal structure allows them to move their heads, so the neck may not be visible externally. Their spines act as an axis for rotation. The pokemon/Niggi pokemon Jynx is a good example of appearance to Niggi women. There is a thin layer of skin under their eyes, to allow them to breathe through their nasal passages beneath the thin layer of skin. Niggies have races that of humans, they however do not always resemble in the same way through skin tones. For example, a Niggi of Asian descent will not have one various skin tone. An Asian Niggi man can be a yellow-beige tone, but Niggi man from any Asian country will have the Asian characteristics from the