F 3 : Fusion of Fine and Folk

F 3 : Fusion of Fine and Folk


A real artist is never a satisfied person. Always in the search of something different which would take care of the creativity within....

Exactly this is what happened with Mrunal.

Born in 1971, Mrunal is a student of Commercial Art and Industrial Photography. Graduated from the renowned college of Arts in Pune, India, she started her career as a Commercial Artist. Later, she evolved herself as one of the experts in Industrial Exhibitions. However, the real artist in her was always unsatisfied, looking for something new which would help her in expressing herself, of course through her artwork.

Finally, the day came when she realized what exactly she wants do. In the joyful state of mind, she quit the job of heavy pay packet and focused on her own artwork.

Being a typical Indian, she has lot of affection towards the folk arts in ancient India. Scrolling across the wide variety of Indian folk arts, she realized that Madhubani is the one format, in which she can express herself the best. Once again, the real artist in her made her think in altogether different way. She decided to blend the Fine art with the Folk Art. So she decided to bring out her creations as 'F3' - the Fusion of Folk and Fine art. It was a difficult phase to work out the artistic patterns, as any Folk are is normally a 2D format, whereas the current Fine art formats are in 3D. But of course, she has worked it out well.

The creations by Mrunal available on this site will definitely make you say that : Yes, this is 'The Fusion of Fine Art and The Folk Art.' You will also notice that her experience as Commercial Artist is also playing a big role. Her creations are always for everybody. They are not complex, beyond understanding of the people at large. As such, you can use her creations for any purpose. Let it be a painting to decorate your living room or a greeting card or a table top frame or calendar or a tote bag or anything you want....

In spite of this, Mrunal is open for listening to your suggestions. Please feel free to reach her for any kind of suggestions. You can also reach her if you want anything specific to be created by her ONLY for YOU under the brand F3.

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