Mrs SteamCloudy

Mrs SteamCloudy

The aesthetics of my works are only their emerged part.

I started drawing from early childhood. From the age when a child is first given a pencil, I have never stopped creating. Self-taught, I used observation to picture my world. I was interested in any artistic field, painting on canvas, wood, various supports and sculpture.
I like to link the mediums together, to reincarnate a subject in several forms. I brought many of my paintings to life in texts, which I then transcribed into music.

After general studies, I worked in the entertainment industry to work on large format frescoes. Since March 2020, I have declared myself as an artist author to mar the canvases with its cracks.
I thus began to give birth to my current style. I locate my works in Dark Surrealism. Paintings mixing dreams and darkness. Creation is a vitality to me, it is a visceral need to exteriorize my cerebral darkness. Psychology is a primordial subject in my paintings. I struggle tirelessly to find meaningful metaphors, hoping they resonate with a few people.

I attach the greatest importance to illustrating psychiatric illnesses, psychological suffering. Too often in the shadow of our society, I want at my small level, to consider them at their right magnitude.

For art; my life, my traumas, my pathologies, but also those of warriors that I have known, have become my muses. Expressing the shadow imperceptible to the naked eye, in surrealist metaphors, is for me a way of transforming suffering into an image, and thus, shimmering it beyond the cerebral cage.

Isn't it completely surreal to want to highlight shadows?

You can discover in video Mrs SteamCloudy here: