Anja Becker

Anja Becker

I create Positive Art to tell stories in a positive context.

We decide how we interpret life, what things mean to us and what we focus on. So why not choose stories of happiness, health, gratitude and the fascination of life?

I am fascinated by the most vivid colours and it's intense energy.

That is why I choose resin as medium which lets the purity of colour pigments shine.

My art is captured in the spontaneous dance and flow of liquid resin mixed with hand-selected colour pigments.

With up to 13 layers of resin the artworks have a mesmerizing, three dimensional depth.

One layer of resin is fully cured after 3 days, therefore the creation of multi-layered artworks requires careful planning and great patience.

The artworks have a distinctive high gloss finish which gives them a supreme colour intensity.

The unique multi-layered play of colours invite you to explore and discover the great depths of details.

My Positive Art guides you to deeply feel all your emotions and reflect upon them in a positive context.

Loose yourself in the play of colours, feel the flow of life, of love and of happiness.

Which one speaks to you?

Original Artworks