Uniquely Me

Uniquely Me


Hello, my name is Andrea. My work is uniquely my own. Or not my own. By that I mean, my hand holds the pen,and I sign the work.
I never know what a picture will be. Which direction the work will go. The art has a way, as though it is an entity all its own .
My process doesn't work in the manner, of others. As I am sure the process is different for all artists.
But for myself, long ago a little girl wanted to draw. Wanting simply to be able to create pictures and artwork, the way she saw others draw.
Always drawn in,enchanted and awed. Art always seemed to be of importance. Even in my earliest childhood years and memories.
I guess you could say, " It has always called to me."
Having creative people in my immediate family. An aunt who made her living as an artist. Creative Grand and Great Grand mothers.
Then my family moved to New Orleans when I was 6. At 7 buying the house I would grow up in. Though my Grandmother and my aunt were no longer there. Our neighbors were artists that sold their paintings down in Jackson Square. Where yet I saw such beautiful works of art.
I had always longed to be able to do, what I saw artists doing.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not draw the way others drew. I was envious. I truly longed to be able to draw. To create works of art.
Then one day in 3rd grade, this lady came to our class room. She asked us to simply draw lines and circles in any ole way we wanted. Then we were to color the spaces. It was in that moment, I knew. I had found my way. The lights came on. And that little girl heard God whisper, " No you cannot draw the way others do. But you can draw this way."
This was the beginning of me, becoming the artists I believe, I was truly meant to be.
From this moment on, I began to sit and draw, what I felt. Following my instincts, and just letting it flow. I watched the way the ink laid down, and the way the paper took shape.
Always having people in my life, who were, are blessed with the ability to draw, or paint. Able to choose and place on paper what ever they chose to place on the canvas. To follow a " How to ", step by step and create, beautiful pictures.
Where I simply could not, can not. Following step by steps, thinking, trying to put a specific image, create a specific scene. These things, I truly can not do. So as the years passed on, I drew in my own little way. Never having a class, and hung up on " What I couldn't do". Insecure in the gift I was blessed with, because of my differences. No one knew I drew. Not even my best friend, who is very talented.
Having forgotten that "Aha" moment in 3rd grade.
I didn't believe in the gift given to me. Letting my differences, become the reasons, I convinced myself, "I would never be the artist, I longed to be. " Keeping what I created to myself and until I was 32 years old, I threw away what I drew.
It's been a long process of baby steps, to bring me to this point.
I still never know where a piece will go or what it may be. Nor can I say how I do what I do. The works created, flow from me. And come together on their own. I hold the pen, I sign the work, God is the true artist.
I am no longer insecure about my differences, or what I can't do. Just thankful that I get to be. Thankful to now see, why art always felt so important. Why I longed to be. Because it is what I was born to be. Not what I was trained to be. This is who I was created to be.
And though it has taken me more than a minute to get here, I am thrilled as well as great full and thankful to be here. To share with confidence the artwork that is uniquely me. The artist I was always meant to be. To no longer hide the gift God graciously bestowed upon me.
So to the world I present to you, Uniquely Me.
I hope my blessings may be a blessing to you.

Andrea L. Whitehead

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