I am artist who like to explore and experiment with different techniques, mediums and directions in artistic expression. Life is a journey so am’ trying to capture some moments from it and put it on paper or canvas, morbid or joyful, happy or sad, it doesn’t matter they are all part of that journey. Since early days of my life I was searching for my own identity, place in this universe, purpose of this existence and I hope that I will find it one day, until than I will do what I like the most, paint. In my paintings I ‘am trying to send a message about something different from known, like “there is something out here”…different world, another universe and all you need is will, knowledge and imagination to see it. Many artists like to paint beauties of this world so that moment can be preserved for generations, other like to paint emotions or some abstract visions that gives some deep message. In my artworks I’m combining all those aspects and elements to visualize what’s inside the thought, what could be behind the gates of some other dimension or just some things that are they out of reach of our senses. Colors are light but from our perspective, rules of our world may not be applicable in some other environment, shortly in all my paintings idea is to let the audience to see them self inside of those thoughts because we are all different. I was born in the industrial city of Tuzla, ex-Yugoslavia, and present days Bosnia and Herzegovina. My hometown has very rich artistic background so from my early days I was interested in painting and music, back then I have joined to various youth art clubs where I have learned my first knowledge about colors, paintings, art masters and techniques. I always wanted to be an artist but life went on different direction, even than I continued to paint and enjoy in doing such. I live and work in Florida, USA, formally graduated from C.I. Stratford –Art School in 2009. On the end just want to say about influences on my art development; Juan Miro,Slava Raskaj,Ismet Mujezinovic,Milic od Macve,Pablo Picasso,Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock and Klaus Schulze.

World of wax

Land of Disturbia

Imaginaria amicis



Lost in....

World of thoughts