M Rennie is a Canadian artist working with acrylics. Exploring the way paint moves and blends with the pouring technique to create unexpected images within the work. You could look at a piece everyday and see something new and interesting each time.

Creativity runs in my family and presents itself in many different forms. I have always loved to paint and draw but have only recently begun to explore abstract painting. Experimenting with colour, how paint moves and flows to create interesting effects is fascinating so this was a natural progression for me from more realistic work.

When I name my pieces, I base the title on the first thing that pops in my mind when I see the finished piece. Sometimes the title is random and other times it is what I see in the piece but I always want the viewer to be able to let their imagination run wild.

Flip and Drag

Acrylic Pours

Fluid Acrylics

Mixed Media