M. Rasheed Cartoons

M. Rasheed Cartoons


I am the highly-prolific author of two, 10-titled graphic novel series—TALES OF SINANJU: THE DESTROYER, and the award-winning MONSTERS 101.

I've dedicated myself to chronicling my socio-political analysis in a daily political cartoon project (Weapon of the People: DECODED) and helping the anti-racism activist community shape the pro-Black narrative for my ethnic group, the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS). I see the world as a multi-layered, encrypted message—encrypted for countless reasons, by numerous sources. I believe our job as actively-engaged humans is to decode these messages for our own use and to document them for the greater body of human literature at the means each individual has at hand.

As an artist—specifically, a cartoonist—that is the means/medium I use for my own decoding duties. Through my research, I use logic, reason and intellect to intuitively follow the knowledge thread that intrigues me, connecting the dots from pattern recognition, and producing the cartoons that form my socio-political analysis.


M. Rasheed
Cartoonist | Socio-Political Analyst | Graphic Novel Serialist | #ADOS
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