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Gift Amu Logotse (Chief Amu)

is an experienced creative and performing artist in the community, who has worked in the professional arts since childhood. Since coming to Scotland, he has been involved in many professional and community arts projects and classes, often working with local artists, dance, drama groups and musicians. He travels widely throughout Scotland and beyond.

.Creative & Performing Artist

Chief Amu is always building bridges and absorbing new stories from other countries. Chief Amu draws no distinction between his stories, paintings, music and dance: they all form part of a response to and understanding of the environment around us.

Storytelling / Storyteller
Gift Amu Logotse tells traditional African stories and fables mixed with music, song and artwork. Many of his stories come from Continental Africa
Chief Amu is a relaxed, entertaining storyteller who is always ready to involve his audience, whether young or old, in some kind of activity. He is at home in every kind of venue.

Chief Amu was born and brought up in Lagos Town, Accra in Ghana, but his cultural roots are in an Ewe Village in the Volta Region of the country.

Chief Amu is currently living and working, mainly traveling around, Scotland.

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