Born in Paris, Marie-Pierre Philippe-Lohezic, MPPL, studied at l’École des Beaux-Arts where her artistic mastery began with a thorough immersion in sketching and oil painting. Mother of three girls, she followed her husband wherever his employment lead and had the unique opportunity of exploring various countries in Asia. The immersion in such different cultures, so fully rich and diverse, had a profound influence over her sensitivity and allowed her to discover and master different procedures that she uses to express herself as appropriate. Now settled in Southern California, Marie-Pierre continuously adds new skills to her palette: Painting in different media, Printmaking, Sculpture, Bronze Casting, Stone Carving, Wax, Wood Carving, all contributing to her liberty to elect the medium that will most aptly convey her message or reflect her feelings.

As a space explorer to whom is given the appropriate medium and through the screen of my experience, I reshape the human world extensively, picturing relationships or stylizing a gesture that portrays an emotion.
Like a compositor I create a harmony of lines and shapes, responding to each other.
Inspired by the Moderns, my work is contemporary figurative.

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