A musician and audio technician/engineer taking the left hand path and learning from healing and ciphering experiences literature data and programming, many things have changed, I used to play with my own immediate family as a band, I wish it never fell apart.. I've been through many different forms of visual arts developments such as refining still lifes and apply to life like other trades of appearance; like when I visited Norman Rockwell gallery with a few courses and several anecdotes of cartooning and animation as well as keeping skeptical mathematics for instance while playing "The Bard's Tale" for example, very inspiring. To consider portagraphy an unfinished business for life or simply consider what is to follow through; and I would like to share my art here with you even, at a glance, even before an Artspace, declaring synchronicity of exhibition and discernment. Many styles textures of humour or drama and remedies of harmony while completing my own health requirements I can only keep up thus far with some visual arts for you to see here, thanks for viewing