moth gallery

Hello, my name is moth. welcome. here you will find lots of my visual art. my paintings are mostly music, raw feeling, little bits of me ripped from inside, smeared and splattered, knifed and brushed. my collages are imaginary things, places, animals, monsters, situations, and feelings. there is a lot of stuff actually. my art is everything inside me, mixed in with everything i see that sticks or resonates, but filtered through me.

influences - Music first and foremost, Ernst, Hoch, Duchamp, Shwitters, Rozz Williams, Dali, Louise Nevelson, The Night, Horror, Buddhisim, Panganisim, Nature, Books, Wunderkammer, Miniature Books, Incense, Geiger, Basquiat, Paul Laffoly, MONSTERS EVERYWHERE, Nature, Bioluminesence, lots of shit actually.

my commissions are wide open and prices are flexable. just ask 😊

Paintings (originals not for sale)

Digital Prints