OzMan Artistry

OzMan Artistry


Currently based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I am a self taught artist and I love to work in acrylics and oils.

My earliest memory painting was with my Grandma Marian. She painted china and even had her own kiln. One day when I was 6-7, we painted china tiles together and I even tried liverwurst sandwiches. It is my fondest and clearest memory I have of my grandma. I didn't pick up painting again until I was 27, when I decided to finally buy some paint supplies. I have painted on a regular basis ever since.

Painting allows me to express myself like no other art form. I often find things in my paintings that I did not intentionally paint into them. My subconscious peeks itself out of my work often and I find my journey with painting is very connected with my journey to discover myself.

I enjoy hiking with my camera and connecting with nature where I often am inspired for new paintings.
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