Morgan Jontel

Morgan Jontel

I have read so many bios on this sight looking for the right way to explain myself, my art, and my motivations. I have seen the same thing over and over again. Art is my soul. Art heals the heart. Etc. The problem is that everyone knows this already. I would not be sharing my art with you today if I did not believe in it's ability to move the mind and shake the soul.
I suppose what I should tell you is that I am unique. I don't mean in the sense that my work is better than everyone else's or anything like that. All I mean to say is that I deeply and truly love my art, my creations. I am unique because I am the only one that can see inside of my head and then draw or paint exactly what I'm seeing there on the walls behind my eyelids.
My work moves me, and personally, that is all that matters. If the artist is in love with their art, their art is truly remarkable. I try my hardest to poor out every drop of inspiration into each of my pieces. I do not create for fun. I have to be moved by some caprice, some spark, some raw emotion. That is where the best art comes from.
I hope that you, dear viewer, will be able to see the spark that I mean to communicate in each one of my works. That is all any artist can hope for, for their work to be looked at with an honest and open-minded eye.
Now after all of that explanation of me adoring my art simply because I understand it better than anyone else can, I must do the economic thing. Please, please, please if you see something you like do not hesitate to purchase! Throw inhibition to the wind here. The old idiom of the starving artist is all too real. Please and thank you all so very much!

~Morgan Jontel






Still Life