The Man With The Pan

Gertjan van Mook finished the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam with a master’s degree in fine arts (MFA).

His fine art projects were shown in museums like the Museum of Contemporary Art Amsterdam, were broadcast worldwide and programmed at (inter)national film festivals.

After a few years he took a break from his artistic career and focussed on his other passion: food. He managed a startup beach club restaurant at one of the last deserted beaches in Holland. It was a huge succes and the start of yet another adventure; his own food brand called The Man With The Pan.

The Man With The Pan is Van Mook’s way to stand up to industrialized food production that shows little regard for flavor, health and environmental or social impact.

Nowadays he works as an artist and food photographer once again and as the creative director of The Man With The Pan. Van Mook never stopped working on his life time fine arts project ‘Memoires of a clairvoyant chef’ which consists of films and photographs of the surreal visions of a mad chef.