International award-winning mixed media fine artist, Arjuna Noor was Born in Bangladesh and preened in the hi-tech ethos of Silicon Valley, specifically at Apple, Inc. where he worked as a system test engineer,

Arjuna's art is the narrative of confluence. Bypassing the conventions of the avant-garde he whole-heartedly embraced technology by integrating it with his passion for mixed media and photography. The result is a perfect east-west fusion of the technological with the mystical.

"To me art is the bridge to the mystery that surrounds us. Growing up in the East and moving to America, I have come to experience art creation the most fluid and potent tool to express that mystery. My goal is to express the ineffable magic that pervades everything – as an artist I am an expediter for that vision in others."

Arjuna's bold and evocative style uses flamboyant splashes of color, light and form to communicate his vision. His methods are demanding and rigorous. Often creating several dozen versions of an image, he works intensely to refine the mood of a piece. His mastery of the medium gives him a creative panache while his sensitivity to his subject infuses his work with a mystique. He currently resides in Maui, Hawaii.

Ambient Mood