Monica Marie

Monica Marie

A world without art and music is a dark and meaningless place. Creatives do the daily work of providing color, thought and pleasure to the world. In this digital era services such as Spotify have all but taken away earning power from myself and many if not most artists. I now need to rely on a variety of sources of income to be able to provide myself a living and continue on my path.
Some more background:

As some of you may already know I am struggling to recover from a horrific, violent assault, that resulted in severe head injury, memory loss, concentration and verbal processing issues, scarring and PTSD. This has been my biggest challenge to date; yet once again it is song writing, musical performance and other forms of artistic creation that provide me much needed solace and healing.

This road to recovery is long and littered with difficulties to which is fortunate that most people have little basis to relate. I continue to travel forward even though the practice is often painstaking and the financial rewards are all but minimal

Please join me on the road to both art and recovery.

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