Monica Jansen

Monica Jansen

My curiosity has always led me to create art both through my paintings and photography. I have explored a lot of areas of art
and it´s various forms of expression.
I was encouraged from an early age by my parents to follow any interests of creativity and I had a wide and varied exploration of
the art world.
The urge to express a feeling, thoughts or an experience are very strong and always keeps me motivated in expressing myself.
Many times I have found my hands itching in order to paint and my eyes racing to find a subject to photograph.

I adore vivid colours and tend to keep them bold in my paintings.
The medium I´ve come to love are Acrylics, there are only a few paintings that I´ve painted in Oils.

When I photograph I´m very much influenced by strong contrasts and abstract subjects.
My goal is that my art leaves you feeling something.

I have done commissions and will gladly do them, please contact me if you are interested.

For questions and purchase info please email me at

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope my art leaves you feeling something!

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