MONA EDULESCO's paintings

MONA EDULESCO's paintings

Mona Edulesco is an artist and architect based in Lyon, France.

As a result of her education and experience, most of her oeuvre focuses on the city life and urban spaces but she enjoys applying and developing her skills through the exploration of other genres and techniques as still lifes, landscapes and interiors, as well as portraits and live model drawings.

The art, since childhood has always held a fascination for this artist, being influenced on this path by both parents- her mother is also an architect and her father a professional painter. She began formal painting and drawing lessons at a very early age. She obtained a graduate certificate in Art and Design from the Fine Arts College N.Tonitza in Bucharest, her hometown. She continued her studies and she earned her degree in Bachelor of Architecture from Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest, Romania and in 2008 a master degree in urban planning in Lyon, France. During this decade, she complemented the architecture studies with live drawing and painting classes.

In 2011, she embraced her life-long passion for painting and she returned to a full-time career as an artist. In the period that has followed, she has established a flourishing practice in art, as a painter. Mona’s works can be found in numerous private collections throughout the world, in Europe, United States of America, Australia...
She is a member of the “Maison des Artistes” - Paris, the Architects Artists French Association “Ligne et couleur” and the “Taylor Foundation”.

Artist Statement:

“The constant elements in my paintings are the textures applied in thick layers and the use of vibrant and dynamic colors. I am fascinated by the explosive textures and intense chromatic that you can explore and reinvent by working the medium of oil painting. I mostly use a variety of palette knives in the realization of my works, sometimes in combination with brushes.
My work has different orientations, and can be figurative or abstract. Regarding the creative process of my work, I consider that a painting evolves in its progress. The main idea can be an emotional impulse, a special moment in my life or a place that particularly touched me. Then I try to interpret my subject to express and convey to the viewer the emotional essence.”