Mona Bessaa's universe is revealed and unfolds over the years of learning. She discovered a pronounced interest in symbolism and the egg was the first great symbol whose mysteries she explored.
Perhaps it is through this way, through the link, the cord, the relationship to gestation, that she is increasingly interested in the organic, the living, the cell and by extension the microcosm. From the amniotic fluid to the water element, to the aquatic bottom, it was just a jump. It is the birth of the Specimens, these creatures, some of them fictional, which move in a polychrome marine universe and which, in the depths of the abyss, are declined in a purified luminescence.
Since 2012, following an assiduous practice of yoga and inspired by images in states of deep meditation, Mona's pictorial practice has taken a new direction. The circle structured around a central point has become a matter of course in the creation of mandalas. Mandalas inviting the four elements and cardinal points as in the Celtic or Amerindian medicine wheel. The sacred geometry of the baptizers is also present in both its physical and spiritual dimensions. Each work is an ode in consciousness to who we are, to our subtle body (represented by the chakras), to the beauty and generosity of Mother Earth, to her fauna, her flora, to show her gratitude, respect and care. There is an urgent need today to reconnect to this source.
Mona Bessaa studied art at the University of Paris 8 - Vincennes in Saint-Denis where she defended a PhD thesis in Aesthetics in 2003. She lives and works in Paris.