My Instagram account @mokkihopero originated from the love for a special place in Finland's south-western archipelago and the desire to share some photographs from there with a few friends. The name refers to a summer cottage (mökki) - ours is on an island that's accessible only by boat. Literally the name refers to showing symptoms of cabin fever (mökkihöperö) but the latter part (höperö) means also 'somewhat crazy'.
Leaving the dots from above the letters o, I had a brand name!

The brand extended to more than just photography, especially to digital art that I've been obsessed with since late '90s. My professional background is in IT and in strategic foresight, but art is what I've always been doing anyway. It has also helped in presenting ideas at work!

Rather than following instructions or rules, I like to discover by myself how to realize an idea or enhance it to a new unique level. Playing with digital pictures and drawings fits into that approach as you may see in this shop.

So, I'm constantly exploring with ways to express my creativity. The mere doing may sometimes be the art itself. You'll find here pictures that I assume you'd enjoy as well. And I'd be extremely happy to produce something special for you - please contact via
if you'd have an idea! Or share a 📸 by tagging me! Or drop an 📧 to

Floral illusions