MODEW Artwork by Joseph Leonardi Greeley

MODEW Artwork by Joseph Leonardi Greeley

I never saw myself as an abstract expressionist artist because I always thought that the artwork was meaningless. I thought to myself, “What do these people see and feel when they create this style of work?”. I didn’t realize that I was an abstract expressionist painter until someone showed me the work of Wassily Kadinsky, a German expressionist. Abstract expressionism is modeled after his work. When I saw his technique, which encompasses similarities to my work, I knew immediately that I was an abstract expressionist artist and realized that this style was not hollow, but meaningful.

As an abstract expressionist, layering and blending of color, tape overlays and experimental use(s) of mediums begin my work. I generally research an artist by visiting museums, viewing documentaries, or perusing books. I chose an emotion or social construct e.g., love, hate, anger, peace etc, and find its symbolic equivalent to draw. Color is next and I usually experiment until it feels and looks “accurate.” In this process, I try to investigate who I am and what I feel. Without changing the symbol, I stay true to its cultural and social identity. As I move forward in the piece, I search for the hidden beauty of expression.

The work of Wassily Kandinsky influences my artistic practice more than any other abstract-expressionist. He states, “Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul”. With this in mind, my works are conscious and subconscious discussions simultaneously. I lean heavily upon the juxtaposition of color and shape to express my art-ideas. When I listen to music it is my soul that expresses itself but when I use color it is my emotive self that takes off and my creative juices flow. I can now create a work without representational form and mirror the style of Kandinsky with my brush.

Thank you.

Joseph Leonardi Greeley

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