100% HANDMADE Colorful  Abstract Paintings

100% HANDMADE Colorful Abstract Paintings


Marijke Verkerk, Europe' upcoming design talent creates exciting and downright amazing stuff. Her enviable talent has defenitely not gone unnoticed. She is a passionate creator who makes beautiful modern abstract paintings and breathtaking fashion and interior design accessories.
Her colorfull unique and outstanding collection varies from modern abstract paintings, abstract fine art paintings, palette knife paintings, colorful abstract paintings, greetingcards, apparel, bags, lamps, cushions, wrist watches to wall papers!

Her paintings are 100% Handmade with the best materials, care and tremendous joy. Each painting is finished with a high definition gloss coating to protect the colors of the painting from time, dust and difference in room temperature.
Each painting is signed by the artist Marijke Verkerk on the backside of the painting and comes with a hand written Certificate of Authenticity.

The certificate states the following:
- The name of the painting and it's dimensions
- Artist name / Marijke Verkerk and the fact that it is made by hand.
- The date the painting was created
- The media used
- The location where it was created / Netherlands Europe
- Marijke Verkerk' signature

Payment Methodes:
Marijke Verkerk accepts PayPal payments.
PayPal is always free to use for buyers.
Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you will be able to use your credit card. Your Financial information is not passed through to Marijke Verkerk and is kept confidential by PayPal.
Buyers can choose to fund payments with a credit card, bank account or other source.
Marijke Verkerk will receive an instant notification from PayPal with your payment details and shipping address.

Prior to shipment Marijke Verkerk personally ensures that the painting is wrapped properly in thick card boards and they will be wrapped in a special foil.

Marijke Verkerk can recreate any painting in any size and color you like upon request.
Creating the painting will take 4-5 day's and it's readiness to ship depents on the drying time of the paint she uses.
Please note the possibility of a little difference in color and shape of the painting re/created on your request, due to it's originality and the fact that it is made by hand.

You can send your request including the name of the painting and the required size to - info@marijkeverkerkdesign.nl

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Contact / info@marijkeverkerkdesign.nl

Colorful Handmade Modern Paintings

Colorful Handmade Abstract Paintings