Angela Churchill

Angela Churchill

Hello Art Lovers!

The worst part of a bio for me? Talking about here goes!

I was born and have lived in Myrtle Beach, SC my whole life (with the exception of a year).

When I started dating my husband, we discovered we had known each other since childhood. My grandmother babysat him, his sister and cousins. His mother was my family's hairdresser and we always lived within a couple miles of each other, so in 1992 we got married. We started a family immediately and my little girls are now 3 beautiful, grown ladies. I am also a very proud grandma to a beautiful 2 year old girl!

Being a young stay at home mom, money was tight so I learned the old adage, "necessity is the motherhood of invention". My creativity started to flow out as I wanted beautiful furnishings and decor but couldn't afford it. I started shopping at Salvation Army and various thrift stores and created treasures out of other's "trash". I found such an appreciation and renewed life for the most simple things.

I was always too busy with my children to really get serious about pursuing an art career, even though it was a passion deep inside of me. Trials of life kept my creativity stifled inside me for much of my adult life, which honestly felt like a prison. I would see other people being so free and creative in so many different medias that I would almost get jealous of their work. I would put out a painting few and far between to hang on my own walls but to never sell; because who on earth would like what I created? was my thought process.

I love to create modern, abstract mixed-media art because it's just so fun. Finding the right accouterments to work with my paintings is always a treasure hunt! I was also encouraged by my father who was an artist and art history professor. Acrylics are my go to medium but I am starting to explore in watercolor as well.I just recently decided to push through the fear of being rejected, put my creativity on canvas and see what happens with the public!

I would love one day to open an art gallery of my own and hopefully encourage others who may be intimidated or scared to showcase their talent.

Hope you love what I add to my gallery and happy collecting!