Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose


Hello all! Welcome to my page! A little bit about me, I am a 24 year old woman living in California. I am currently in a happy relationship and have been for almost three years. I am a manager at an after school program at a junior high school. I love Star Wars, horror movies, and reading. I am an avid sports fan! (Golden State Warriors, SJ Sharks, 49ers, SF Giants).
Art has ALWAYS been a huge passion of mine! It's my heartbeat..or my "art beat". It's my getaway, my life, my love.
I created this page my boyfriend and I are trying to take the next stop in our relationship, moving out! I am having a difficult time trying to find a second job so I can save money. I live in a pretty small town and finding work has proved to be difficult. I've had interviews, with no positive results. It's getting to be quite difficult to try to save while also paying for other expenses. (Bills, gas, etc.) At the moment I am living paycheck to paycheck and am starting to struggle. Your support is greatly appreciated!
So much love and good vibes to you all! <3

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