Michael Middleton

Michael Middleton


Michael Middleton is a British artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. With a particular interest in abstract painting and photography, his playful and striking work is often very colorful. With plaudits and recognition in and around Berlin and his native England, Michael Middleton's work is now deservedly reaching the eyes of fans all over the world.

In his abstract painting, Michael Middleton captures movement between his colors. Working with acrylics, the interplay between the different paints on his canvases always stir up a deeply emotive feeling.

Michael Middleton's travel photography comes from many far-flung corners of the planet. With a keen eye for color both in nature and cityscapes, Middleton's work here is striking, yet simple - the perfect art for your home or for the office.

A sample of his work - now available to buy on Artpal - can be seen in the gallery below.