MM Coston

MM Coston

A native Floridian who grew up in Southern Indiana, Misty is a self-taught artist who finds inspiration in exploring and charting new artistic ground. While her earlier works were mostly grayscale oil paintings, since relocating to Georgia she has shifted to creating mixed media pieces. These newer works often feature experimental techniques like combining woodburning on paper with proper painting or diluting charcoal in water and painting with it. Since she has a love of drawing, she's been developing theoretical techniques for her Dressed Sketches including 'anti-contour shading' where the darkest shadows have unnatural form and mass and 'partially transparent drawings' that balance 2D with 3D elements and grayscale with color.

Although self-taught, her love of history and personal study of art history constantly brings new elements into her work. When not building on traditional techniques she's usually seeking to further classic ideas. Most notable are her color oil paintings 'Madonna and Child in a Modern Context' with it's setting in an urban parking lot and 'Immersed in a square which is a dynamic modern art style painting of a Square' that upon close inspection encompasses a Rembrandt sketch inspired scene of an artist at work oblivious to a flood bursting into their studio.

Her artistic style is foremost intellectual and with varying degrees of abstract surrealism, symbolism and allegorical layers. She also often paints more than one painting on the same canvas at the same time weaving the two together.

She currently has recent works in the Macon Arts Alliance Gallery in Macon, Ga and a number of her earlier paintings are in various private collections.

New Works

Imaginary Sculptures Series

The B Series