MM Art Studio

MM Art Studio

My story is about love for my family and life and I want to show this in my art.
I have four wonderful children and my passion for making portraits came from them. I love to capture the time, the smile, the glow in their eyes and put this on the canvas or paper, where they will stay forever. This are our family treasures for them when they will grow up and for generations to come.

I am an economist by profession and have been working in finance for 15 years, but I have been missing the emotions, the passion, the beauty of the people and I have decided to follow my heart and embrace the talent I have.I left my job in finance and dedicate my time and energy to art. If you are looking for precious treasures that you will always want to keep please do not hesitate to contact me. I will make you timeless portrait of your loved ones or make you priceless gift for someone special.

Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your face and in your eyes and I want to capture this feeling in the portrait.

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