Dhani Miller

Dhani Miller


Welcome to my profile! I am glad to have you here! I´m 21 years old girl from small town in Slovakia. Painting is my passion, I started to paint when i was very little. I do more than just painting portraits. I try to capture a moment, to freeze you in time, to express myself, or express feelings of those who are more daydreaming in their fantasies than be swallowed by melancholy of reality.

Painting people is my No.1 love, however, I love to create them in my head.
Weeks ago I created my very first collection titled "That head-tilt feminine guy". It´s a fictional character who I created in my head. I wanted someone who is sort of presentation of new generation, man with extreme feminine features, not muscular, sensitive, rude, strong individual, with flat chest BUT hairs on it, ´cause I like to create something to confuse the human eye a little bit... something that screams "Judge me, i don´t care".

Feel free to contact me via Facebook, Instagram or E-mail.

That head-tilt feminine guy